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Are you about to set up a new forex or crypto brokerage, and looking for the best and fastest ways to attract clients to your business? Or perhaps you are already running a successful brokerage, but struggling to take it to the next level. Whatever the case may be, you have come to the right place.

There are many ways available to attract more clients to a brokerage, including pushy sales techniques, paid advertising, and building hype in social media. Among the best ways available, however, is to engage in effective content marketing.

Although “hard selling” has been the norm in the online trading industry up until quite recently, this practice is slowly dying, and for good reasons. Nobody likes to be sold to, particularly not by an aggressive and sleazy salesman. Hard selling sucks, both for the customer as well as for the salesman himself.

Because of this, I will argue that content marketers – sometimes also called inbound marketers – are the new salespeople. These are the people you will have to rely on to draw new clients to your business. That’s particularly true for anyone running an online business like a forex & CFD broker is.

And it’s important to point out that the type of clients who are drawn in by good content marketing are not any type of client – they are the best clients. The type of clients that are actually looking for your services, and who are therefore likely to stick around for a while.

With that said, let’s take a look at some very specific channels you can use for to reach more people in the online trading community in particular.

TradingView Community

Publishing charts, trading ideas, and participating in the discussions on TradingView is really something all online brokers should do, no matter whether your focus is on stocks, forex, or the crypto market. However, very few brokers seem to be doing so. And that’s an opportunity for you!

The fact that few other brokers have any kind of meaningful presence on TradingView means that you will quickly get noticed when you start publishing insightful trading ideas, and contribute to the discussions going on within this platform.

TradingView idea

Publish ideas like these for the TradingView community.

If you feel that you need any help with establishing your presence of TradingView, our team-members are well experienced with the platform and are happy to assist you!


How to use Quora answers as part of your content marketing strategy.Quora is a massively popular question-and-answer site where anyone can submit questions about whatever it is they have on their mind. The site covers all topics, and questions are organized and answered by an active community, much like Wikipedia. In addition, upvoting and downvoting of answers means that high-quality answers over time emerges to the top, while bad answers are pushed further on the site and thus become irrelevant.

Quora allows anyone to add links in the answers they write, which has strongly contributed to make the site an effective marketing channel. Find a good question that lots of people are interested in, write a good answer to that question, and include a link to your product or service that can further help people with this particular question.

Write a Blog

Other than producing content on other platforms, it’s obviously important to keep your own website updated with fresh content as well. This is where a blog comes in.

You should think of your own blog as the primary gateway to your website for new potential customers. Chances are they are looking around and Googling for the sort of information you have written about in your blog.

For niche topics, a well-researched blog article with relevant “long-tail” keywords may very well rank highly in Google searches.

The most important part about blog writing is that the content you put out is valuable and useful to others in your niche. Content without any value will do you no good, and may even annoy visitors on your website. Therefore, put time and effort into creating valuable and highly detailed articles that you think will benefit other people.

As we have talked about before, hiring a professional writer to take care of your blog is very likely to be a smart business decision on your end. Depending on the niche you’re in, writers are generally affordable and can save you valuable time that can be better spent building your business.

By the way, linking to, and quoting from, relevant blog articles in your Quora answers is also a great way to get more traffic on your website, enabling you to kill two birds with one stone.

Design Awesome Infographics

Lastly, I want to talk about infographics, and how they can help your brand get spread around the web – or go viral if you will.

Infographics are particularly useful for anyone working with the financial markets, as they are extremely handy for retail traders to just print out and keep next to them on their desk, or even put up on the wall.

They also tend to get shared in online trading forums, on Pinterest, and Facebook, and can be used as a great lead-bait on your website by giving them away in exchange for a visitor’s email address.

Trading infographics

Infographics are particularly useful for traders.

LUVO has for a long time worked with clients to create good-looking and useful infographics specially aimed at traders. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can help your company with the same!

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