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Quora is by far the most popular question-and-answer site on the Internet today, attracting more than 500 million visitors on an average month. That’s more than the population of the entire USA checking the site every single month!

For this reason, any question and answer posted on Quora also receives a lot of exposure through indirect channels like Google searches. If you haven’t noticed yet, pay attention to how highly questions asked on Quora ranks in Google searches. For many new websites in particular, Quora.com may be one of very few ways the website can get a presence near the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

The key to success on Quora, however, is that the answers you write must add value to the community and be better than other answers provided for the same question. This way, answers tend to get upvoted by the community, and will rank at the top of the page for the relevant question.

Here are a few ideas we have gathered on how you can use Quora as part of the content marketing strategy of any finance company:

Quora as a way to find topics for your blog

Quora may not be the best place to just start hitting up potential customers randomly, but it’s certainly a good place to find questions that people are interested in reading about. For example, you could go to Quora and look for the unanswered question that has the most followers in your niche.

Quora.com answer

Remember to link back to your site in your Quora answer.

Once you’ve found a good question, go to your blog and publish an in-depth and well-researched answer to that question. Once that is done, go back to Quora and write a short summary of your blog post answer, where you include quotes from the post and a link back to the in-depth blog post you just created.

Now, you have a Quora answer that you know a lot of people will be interested in reading, and a lasting and free source of much-needed traffic for your company’s blog. Cool, right?

Help others, and they will help you

It’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use Quora as a way to simply promote your own services or your company. Instead, Quora is a platform set up for people to connect with experts in different fields who can provide valuable answers to questions these people have.

This means that you should not use Quora to post answers to questions you don’t know much about simply to get a link back to your website. Remember that these links are so-called “no-follow” links anyway, so unless they attract real traffic, the SEO benefit of just having the link there is minimal.

Instead, consider how you can contribute to the community. For example, you’re probably an expert in your own industry. So by writing really good answers on topics related to your own industry, you establish yourself as an authority in that niche, whether intentionally or not.

Build a following on Quora

Another important aspect in order to make Quora work for you is to make sure you have a certain following on the platform. The more people that follow you, the more your answers will be worth. This is particularly important for anyone using Quora as part of a professional marketing strategy, since we always need to consider the ROI of our marketing efforts.

If you’re completely new to Quora, the best way to start building a following is to simply follow other newbies. Chances are they will then follow you back.

As you build your reputation on the platform, you can start to follow the more influential people, particularly those who are in your industry, or influencers in your “ideal customer” group. If you can get these people to notice you and appreciate your answers, you’ll get a long way with your Quora marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

If used correctly, Quora can greatly increase your exposure online, and potentially bring new customers to almost any business. As with everything else, however, it can also end up as a waste of time if not done according to a plan. In either case, following the advice here should be enough get you started on your Quora marketing journey.

What is your experience with using Quora as part of a content marketing strategy? Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section below.

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