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LUVO Content Marketing today announces a new initiative that will focus exclusively on link building for SEO agencies and internet marketers in the Nordic region. Nordic Links will be among the first in the Nordic region to take such a focus, and we hope this will be to the benefit of our customers who can now get their blogger outreach and link building taken care of in a cost-efficient manner.

Nordic Links will initially market itself to international customers who have either established themselves with a website in the Nordic region, or who plan to do so. This includes both international SEO agencies and affiliate marketing companies that want to reach an audience in the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Over time, Nordic Links has developed relationships with a large and growing network of bloggers and owners of various websites throughout the Nordic region, and it is these relationships that you as a customer benefit from. In this way, the agency has the opportunity to publish articles on a large number of authoritative websites in the Nordic region, with a naturally incorporated backlink to your or your customer's website.

Cost savings an important reason for outsourcing link building

Cost savings is an important reason why many choose to outsource their link building efforts to more specialized companies. This is true whether you are an SEO agency that works on behalf of clients, you do affiliate marketing independently, or for other reasons needs a higher ranking in Google search.

But in addition to this, there are also many other reasons for why it makes sense to outsource this part of the SEO work to a specialized agency. Perhaps most important is that link building today requires quality and expertise at all levels to be successful.

Link building has, as many people know, become much more difficult in recent years. This is simply because Google has become better and better at distinguishing between what is a natural backlink profile, and what is an attempt to manipulate their search engine. In fact, Google may now even punish you if it suspects that you’re trying to manipulate their search results with unnatural linking. In some cases, this may result in an even lower ranking than before you started the link building campaign in the first place.

The only sustainable strategy in the long run is thus to do the link building in a "natural" way. That is, to produce high quality content that users actually find interesting. These articles should then be published on reputable and popular websites within your niche, with relevant links naturally incorporated into the content.

This trend in SEO and link building is something Nordic Links has taken seriously, and we therefore believe our new service is the safest and best option for those who want to rank high in Google search over time.

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