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Financial Content Marketing

Content Writing for Finance Companies

Content writing for companies in the financial services and trading/investing field is the one service we are most often asked to do for our clients. Despite what many people think, this does not only encompass blog post writing.

In fact, we have over the years helped our clients with all types of financial content writing. Among other things, this includes website copy, email newsletters, ad copy, and other types of promotional content.

On this page, we’ll go into detail on four different aspects of financial content marketing that we regularly help our clients with. These are:

  1. Financial blog writing
  2. Press release writing & distribution for finance companies
  3. Quora.com posts in the finance niche
  4. Publishing of TradingView ideas

Financial blog writing

Many of our long-time clients continue to receive everything from 1 to 3 blog posts per week, and have done so for years, drawing in attention and traffic for their website.

All blog posts are written to be SEO-friendly with proper formatting, bullet points, subheadings, a mix of internal and external linking, and appropriate use of relevant keywords.

Note here that so-called “keyword stuffing” is something we don’t do, and that changes to Google’s algorithm now means that content that is over-optimized and stuffed with keywords may in fact get penalized in their search result rankings.

One strategy we do like to use, however, is to include quotes from relevant influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the articles, and then reach out to them on Twitter or via other channels to make them aware of it.

More often than not, these experts are happy to share the article with their own followers, creating a snowball effect for your website.

In addition, Google and other search engines loves content that is shared, meaning your site will rank higher in searches.

The blog posts we create for our clients can generally be categorized into four different types of articles:

  1. How-to blog articles
  2. List-based blog articles
  3. News articles
  4. In-depth articles

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Press release writing & distribution for finance companies

While some of our clients only want us to write a press release that they then either publish on their own website or distributes to the media, others prefer we take care of both the writing and distribution for them.

Our founder and main financial content writer Fred Vold is an experienced freelance journalist covering the bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector, and we therefore know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to press releases.

What we specifically do when planning press releases is that we start by coming up with a “news hook” based on the story you would like to share, and write the press release in AP style with backlinks, relevant keywords, and images when needed.

Most of the time we distribute your press release directly to media outlets covering your industry, but we can also distribute it through traditional PR wire services.

Quora.com posts in the finance nicheQuora.com logo

A great way to attract a lot of organic and highly targeted traffic to your site is to link to it in answers published on the popular question-and-answer site Quora.com – a site with more than 500 million monthly visitors.

If you haven’t noticed yet, pay attention to how highly questions asked on Quora ranks in Google searches next time you type a question into Google. For many new websites in particular, Quora.com may be one of very few ways the website can get a presence near the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

The key to success on Quora, however, is that the answers we write must add value to the community and be better than other answers provided for the same question. This way, answers tend to get upvoted by the community and will rank at the top of the page for the relevant question.

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Publishing of TradingView ideas

TradingView is a new and innovative online charting platform and technical analysis tool that is used by a lot of retail traders every day.TradingView logo

But the interesting thing is that TradingView is also far more than just a charting platform. It’s also a social network for all types of traders and others who are interested in the financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Traders here share their trading ideas with each other, comment on ideas published by others, prepare chart analysis that they publish on other social media, or just browse the platform for inspiration. In either case, it’s highly important that you are present where your target audience is. This is exactly what we here at LUVO can help you with.

At LUVO, we are experienced with all financial markets, as well as with the TradingView platform itself. If you don’t already have a presence on TradingView, we can set up an account for you and get started with publishing engaging content. And if you already are on the platform, we would be excited to help you take your presence to the next level.

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