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Lead Bait Creation for Financial Services Companies

Finance ebooks & reports

Giving away valuable and actionable content in the form of PDF reports, ebooks, whitepapers, and so on in exchange for your website visitors’ name and email address is becoming a very popular way to generate leads online.

Sadly, the situation today is that many website owners hire low-cost content writers based offshore to create lead bait content which doesn’t add any value for their website visitors. Instead, low-quality content lowers the overall user experience and annoys website users.

At LUVO, however, we are experienced financial content writers who take our job very seriously. This means that the lead bait we create for you will actually be of value to your prospective clients, which significantly increases the chances of them becoming paying customers in the end.

Relevancy is key

As you may already know, the most important thing when creating lead bait content such as PDF reports, whitepapers, or short ebooks is that it has to be highly relevant for your audience.

If the content is relevant, meaning it addresses one or more problems that your prospective clients have, they will download it and go through it with great interest. If, on the other hand, the content is not relevant to their specific problems, your website visitors will ignore it and leave your website without leaving their name and email address.

In addition to drawing in web traffic and being great for SEO, giving away free content like this in exchange for a name and an email address is also a good way to understand who is a true lead, and who is most likely not worth spending time and effort on.

Specifically, this is done by placing so-called call-to-action buttons strategically around your website, pointing to different reports, ebooks, etc. You will then be able to see which services your clients are interested in by analyzing which buttons they click on. Your follow-ups with the various clients can then easily be tailored to that client’s specific interest, dramatically increasing the chances that the lead will convert into a paying customer.

Financial content writing and regulations

An important thing to keep in mind if you’re a company providing any kind of financial services is that your content should not only entice visitors to download it, but that it must also be compliant with regulations.

Regulatory compliance is something that is too often neglected when outsourcing content marketing. As a result, in-house staff need to spend hours of their time reviewing everything carefully before publishing anything. With LUVO, however, compliance is never a problem.

We have long experience writing content for financial services firms based around the world, including companies that are overseen by regulators like ESMA in the EU, FCA in the UK, and ASIC in Australia. Years of experience with financial content writing for these companies have taught us where to draw the line between regulatory compliance and engaging content.

Financial report & ebook creation

When you decide to order lead bait content from us, whether it is a PDF report, a whitepaper, or an ebook, rest assured that we will take care of every step from the initial idea generation, to research, writing, formatting, visuals, and cover design.

It’s up to you whether you want to provide us the title and topic of the content your order, or if you’d like us to suggest ideas for you. In either case, we will first draft an outline for you to review before we begin the actual writing process. We will also do the same with the cover design to ensure we choose a design you are fully satisfied with.

Clients that are on our Advanced SEO package have one piece of lead bait content included in their package. For all others this can be ordered on-demand, tailored to your need.

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